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The Family Peene on the Internet
The history of the Family PEENE starts in a little Northern-France village called PEENE, near the river "PEENE". Those villages originate from the location of the river. The "Lands of Peene" were already known in the 11th century, in which the count of Flanders, Boudewijn van Rijsel, mentions the river in 1067 when he makes a donation to the abbey of St. Winoksbergen. The Lands of Peene were property of Gillebert de Saint-Omer in the 11th century. In the 13th century, Ermengarde de Viefville married with Jan Van Yper. Jan died at Cassel in 1275 and was burried in the Curch of St. Pieter there, besides Robrecht de Fries. Later he received a gravestone in the Church of North Peene, when his son Guillaume de Saint-Omer became Lord of Peene. Guillaume died in 1296.

The house of Guillaume de Saint-Omer was given to Antoine de Halewyn. He was the first to receive the title of Marquis of Peene (Marquis de Piennes). An important date in the History of Peene is April 11th, 1677. On that day the most important Battle of Peene was led. By the Agreement of Nijmegen (1678), Flanders lost an important part to France. Each year, this battle is remembered with a Silent Hike. In 1978, a lot of persons with the name Peene, Vanpeene, Vansuytpeene, Vandepeene, ... participated this Silent Hike. For the Family Peene, it was the fourth time such a Family Reunion was organized.